Welcome to Caledon!

The Independent State of Caledon is a Steampunk Victorian Micronation the Second Life® world!

To better show you what we are about, this might give you an idea!

There are lots of sites where you can explore more about us, but the best way is just to visit us and see!  Meanwhile, these might be of interest:


Forums!  http://www.caledonforums.com/


Wiki!  http://www.caledonwiki.com/index.php?title=Main_Page


Blogs!  Listed on the right you’ll see Blogs from Caledon and other far, exotic nations!


Caledon is 110% resident-created, and very welcoming to visitors.  Join us at Caledon Oxbridge for a free small residence where you can *comfortably* get accustomed to the world and set up your character until it’s ‘perfectly you’! 

You may also get as much or as little of a right proper Caledon Oxbridge University education as you want (or just take in the social side of New Resident life!) before you venture forth to make your mark upon the world.  NCI, the grid’s premiere new user help group, holds free classes on just about any imaginable subject – drop in on one if you like!

Will you explore and bring back a wealth of knowledge?  Will you become a wealthy and powerful merchant?  Mad scientist?  Or a seamstress, barrister, publisher, airship captain…

There’s only one way to find out!